Date of declaration

December, 1996

Area of activity


Place of Headquarters

Alexandria, Egypt

Welcome Speech


The Egyptian Pediatric Dentistry Association EPDA is the leading body representing pediatric dentists in Egypt. It was established in 1996 by an initiative of members of Pediatric Dentistry Department,  Faculty of Dentistry , Alexandria University. The EPDA has educational, scientific and social goals reaching out for all those who are interested in the welfare of children. The main office is located in Alexandria and has representative offices in Cairo, Mansoura and Tanta.

Serving our community is one of our main goals through organized campaigns, health education and promoting oral health. We welcome members from all over Egypt to join and participate in our activities.

Prof. Aly Sharaf



Brief History

  • The association prepared regular dental events and annual meetings.
  • The association shared in different medical and dental convoys
  • The association organized several social events, meetings and parties
  • The association is a founding member of the Arab Association of Pediatric Dentistry formed in Syria 1998.
  • Organized the 2nd Arab International Pediatric Dentistry Conference, Alexandria 2000
  • The association is an official member of the Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Dentistry
  • The association is hosting the upcoming International dental meeting of¬† the Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Dentistry, Alexandria 2018
  • Prof. Aly Sharaf is currently vice president of Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Dentistry


  • Promoting the profession of Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Supporting the members in their developement and careers.
  • Arranging scientific meetings and conferences.
  • Communicating with other Organizations in the world concerned with pediatric Dentistry.
  • Performing community services and promoting oral health.
  • Arranging social activities for members.

Examples of activities

  • Organizing regular dental scientific activities
  • Producing regular newsletters and periodicals
  • Organizing and present workshops in the field of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Running community services
  • Organizing national and international dental meetings
  • Donations for serving community activities
  • Publishing a specialized dental Journal
  • Treatment of children with special needs
  • Organizing social events
  • Communicating with different foreign dental associations
  • Serving mothers and families

Board Members

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